Why Migrate to Australia

Australia, also known as the lucky country, has a tolerant and inclusive society which is built by people from many different backgrounds. Due to its cultural diversity and tolerance, the Australian society’s reputation is globally renowned. Because of this, migrants from more than 200 countries with varying ethnic origins, sex, color, languages and religions call Australia their dream home.

Multiculturalism, which was introduced in 1973 to the Australian society, accepts and respects the right of all Australians, including new migrants to express and share their individual cultural heritage with other societies. In order for contribution to the life of the nation to be free from racial, cultural, religious, language and sexual discrimination, Australians will have the right to express their own culture and beliefs, which obliges them to accept the right of others to do the same. It gives Australians equal treatment and opportunity within Australia. Hence, Australia has emerged as one of the most cosmopolitan and unique societies in the world.

Migration is one of the two separately managed programs that allow people from around the world to migrate to Australia. This is written down according to the Migration Act and Migration Regulations. In April 2005, Amanda Vanstone, the minister of Immigration and Multicultural and Indegineous Affairs announced that the 2005-06 migration program would be between 130,000 and 140,000 with about 97,500 skilled migrants, exceeding the 2004-05 figures by about 20,000. It’s never been a better time to migrate to Australia.

Australia Fact Sheet

 Surface Area: 
7,692 million sq km
 Official Language: 
20 million (2004)
 Head of State: 
Queen Elizabeth II, 
represented by the 
Major-General Michael Jeffrey 
 Head of Government: 
The Hon. John Winston Howard 



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